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Digital Humanism

Digital Humanism is a concept that advocates for the ethical and human-centered approach to technology and the digital transformation of society. It emphasizes the importance of considering human values, well-being, dignity, and rights when designing, developing, and implementing digital technologies. Digital Humanism seeks to balance technological advancements with the preservation of human values, fostering a harmonious coexistence between humans and technology.

Digital Humanism is a response to the rapid advancements in technology and their profound influence on various aspects of modern life. It encourages stakeholders in academia, industry, policymaking, and society at large to collaborate in shaping a digital future that respects human values and fosters societal welfare.

History of digital humanism

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Digital literacy and citizenship

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Ethical Considerations

underscores the need to address ethical dilemmas and potential harms arising from technology, such as privacy violations, algorithmic bias, and digital divide.

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